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  • Easy steps to fill out online RMA form:
    1. Please fill in distributor information online.
    2. Please fill in online repair product information.
    3. The RMA mail will be sent to your email box by system automatically.
    4. Please send the RMA product to Team Group by register mail or express service as soon as possible. Also, please print the RMA address sticker or remark the RMA number on the package and send RMA products to Team Group.
    If you are experiencing any problems during the application process, please email to rma@teamgroup.com.tw. We will provide you with our best service. And our service time is Taiwan time from 9 AM to 12:30 AM, 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday, exclude national holidays.
  • STEP 1. Fill Partner Information
  • Gender
  • Please start with country code,ex:+819123456。This field is accept + and digital only. Do not leave space.

  • Accept number Only

  • If country name was wrong, please contact us to change.

  • Gender
  • Accept number Only

  • Please fill in complete address.

  • STEP 3. File Upload
  • If you have a large number of RMA products, then we suggest that downloading the RMA form file to fill, uploading the file, and then submitting.
  • If you have only a few RMA products, then we suggest you could fill out the online RMA form and then submit immediately.
STEP 4. Please make sure your personal information is correct, then slide the bar down there and submit RMA form.
The applicability of this warranty does not include product damage caused by unnatural external causes. If any of the following situations occur, then the product is not covered by Team Group's warranty requirements.
  1. Damage caused by accidents, vandalism, misuse, unauthorized disassembly, natural disasters or power problems.
  2. Our product must be used with other compatible computer equipment; if the damage is caused due to other manufacturer’s accessories, warranty obligations will not be upheld.
  3. Product maintained or disassembled by unauthorized technical personnel.
  4. Warranty label, product serial number or tamper label is modified, damaged or unclear.
  5. If the RMA product we received is not made by Team Group, then our RMA service will be stopped and warranty will be waived.
  6. For certain products, maintenance is done by replacing them with reserved products; therefore, it is possible that after maintenance the product returned to the consumer may not be the original one sent in for maintenance.​​​​​
  7. Because high product turnover, when a product is no longer produced or the original manufacturer no longer provides maintenance, our customer service representative will confirm via telephone or email if you agree to replace it with a substitute.
  8. After submitting the online RMA form in 14 days, please send the RMA products to Team Group. After 14 working days, the RMA number you applied would be invalid. Please apply for a new RMA number online again.

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How to Fill RMA information?

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